October 1, 2015

Our Team

KAMP is a community initiative in every sense. Its delivery is dependent on the efforts and support of dedicated volunteers from the community. KAMP values the knowledge and experience of all community members, and seeks to integrate intergenerational contributions in delivering its services.

KAMP as an organization is divided into the following components:

Mentees and Mentors

High school mentees and post-secondary student mentors are the core of KAMP’s organization. The following groups work to support the mentorship relationship between mentees and mentors.

Chapter Heads

Chapter Heads represent KAMP at lower-mainland post-secondary institutions. They are responsible for on-campus recruitment and preparing mentors at their respective campuses for delivery of weekly academic mentoring sessions.


Community Consultants and Supporters

Community Consultants and Supporters provide expertise and material support to KAMP. KAMP recognizes that the community has a number of individuals with professional expertise in a variety of areas. As such, KAMP seeks to work with community organizers, academics, professionals and business persons of all kinds to help achieve its mission.