Kababayan Academic Mentorship Program

The Program

KAMP delivers tutoring and mentorship to newly arrived Filipino high school students through weekly sessions over the school year.

Each session is divided into three components:
Academic Tutoring

Academic tutoring in math, sciences, english, social studies and other core subjects

English Language Learning Support

Support for ELL students transitioning into mainstream curriculum.

Personal Development Workshops

Examples of past workshops include goal setting, anti-bullying, post-secondary education information sessions, and exploring personal and collective migration histories.

KAMP is a community-led mentorship program that provides academic and social support to newly arrived Metro Vancouver Filipino-Canadian youth.

By providing mentorship and positive role models, KAMP aims to empower our community’s youth and provide them with the confidence they need to genuinely integrate and thrive in the Canadian public education system.

Addressing the Challenge

KAMP recognizes the challenge faced by our community’s youth and seeks to provide the necessary supports to meet those challenges. The issues that KAMP addresses include:

1) Barriers to high school completion among newly arrived Filipino-Canadian Youth.
2) Academic challenges; particularly in English Language Learning.
3) Social isolation and limited networks.
4) Effects of family separation and immigration.
5) Navigating the education system at the secondary and post-secondary level.

KAMP aims to identify, understand, and address the challenges faced by newly immigrated youth through holistic support - academic, social, community and professional.


Ates and Kuyas are integral parts of Filipino families and communities. They are the older brothers and big sisters who give you guidance, have your best interests in mind and show you what is possible. KAMP is about re-creating that extended family of support.

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