October 1, 2015


KAMP delivers tutoring and mentorship to newly arrived Filipino high school students through weekly sessions over the school year. Each session is divided into three components:

  • academic tutoring in math, sciences, english, social studies and other core subjects;
  • english language learning support; and
  • personal and leadership development workshops.

Personal and leadership development workshops vary from week to week. Our workshops cover a number of different themes that address the academic, social and professional needs of each student. Examples of past workshops include goal setting, anti-bullying, post-secondary education information sessions, and exploring personal and collective migration histories.

Mentors are recruited from post-secondary institutions across the lower-mainland. They are responsible for providing academic tutoring, facilitating personal development workshops and most importantly being positive role models for KAMP students.

Weekly sessions are designed to be a safe and inclusive spaces for students to recognize life’s possibilities, forge friendships, and develop the self-confidence required to realize their potential. Part of this means encouraging students to identify positively with their culture and understand the importance of engaging with their new communities.

KAMP seeks to provide:

  • Support for ELL students transitioning into mainstream curriculum;
  • Social transition, positive social network building and positive role modeling;
  • Individualized resource referral and access to other service delivery;
  • Dynamic programming that addresses relevant academic, social and professional needs;
  • Development of youth leaders that are committed to civic engagement and contribution;
  • Advocacy for youth education issues that include involvement with policy reform; community-based and/or participatory research, and representation on other community initiatives.