September 30, 2015

About KAMP

KAMP is a community-led mentorship program that provides academic and social support to newly arrived Metro Vancouver Filipino-Canadian youth. By providing mentorship and positive role models, KAMP aims to empower our community’s youth and provide them with the confidence they need to genuinely integrate and thrive in the Canadian public education system.

KAMP is a project of the Kaya Community Society.

Addressing the Challenge

Filipino youth face unique challenges in achieving academic success, and ultimately the upward social mobility that accompanies academic success. The challenges faced by our youth have long been understood by segments of our community, and now have been confirmed by a growing body of academic research. Professor Phil Kelly, of York University, describes the challenges our youth face, but more importantly the actions that can be taken to address those challenges:

“The Filipino community in particular is unusual. Despite having parents with among the highest rates of university degree graduation of all immigrant groups, Filipino youth have among the lowest rates of university completion. This applies particularly to those who arrive in Canada during childhood…”

“[M]entoring and role models are an important part of the picture for Filipino youth. Young people need to hear about leaders in their community to be given opportunities to learn about diverse careers. This is especially true for Filipino boys. The report recommended support for Filipino community organizations to develop mentoring, leadership, networking and internship programs…”

-Dr. Phil Kelly, Lower expectations, lack of role models may affect post-secondary success of Filipino youth, May 2014

KAMP recognizes the challenges faced by our community’s youth and seeks to provide the necessary supports to meet those challenges. The issues that KAMP addresses include:

  1. Barriers to high school completion among newly arrived Filipino-Canadian Youth.
  2. Academic challenges; particularly in English Language Learning.
  3. Social isolation and limited networks.
  4. Effects of family separation and immigration.
  5. Navigating the education system at the secondary and post-secondary level.

KAMP aims to identify, understand, and address the challenges faced by newly immigrated youth through holistic support – academic, social, community and professional.